The Multi-Faceted Talents of Harvey Mason Jr.

Harvey Mason Jr.

You could say that six-time Grammy-winning songwriter and producer Harvey Mason Jr. was born into the business, being the son of famed jazz drummer Harvey Mason Sr. In fact, Harvey Jr. has no problem saying it himself.

“I was with my dad all the time,” he says, “going to work with him at studios and watching him and the other musicians. It was exciting to me, and seemed like a cool way to make a living. My dad showed me a lot, taught me about the business.

“But I never thought that certain doors were opened for me because of my dad,” he continues. “There’s a certain point where other people don’t care who you are. The industry can’t afford to cut anyone breaks because of their pedigree. You could be Michael Jackson Jr., but if your music is no good, they can’t use you.”

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