Grammy Winning Music Producer, Harvey Mason, Jr., on The Joy of Watching His Kids Compete

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I’m a parent, I talk too much about my kids. I constantly Twitter brag. Everyone I work with is forced to see pics and hear about what my young ones are up to. Having said that, I literally can not stop myself from sharing the story of one of the best weekends in this dad’s entire life. Being in the entertainment business, I’ve done the Grammys and the Globes and every other snazzy Hollywood event but they pale horribly in comparison to my experience last week.

First some history: my wife and I raised our two kids in Manhattan Beach, CA. They grew up doing all the normal kid stuff and were very similar to all their friends. What was different in our household was that we all played sports, and we played them hard! As parents we encouraged our kids to find what they loved and pushed them to work at it. We challenged them and used sports to teach valuable lessons that we hoped would carry them through life. “Set goals!”, “work hard!”, “sacrifice if you want it!”, “create good habits!” My kids heard them all. What also makes us different is that they actually listened. They played every sport and they worked and practiced and did really well at many of them. Ultimately my son Trey chose basketball as his focus and my daughter Mia, volleyball.

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