Monthly Archives: February 2016

Harvey Mason, Jr.

6-time Grammy winner Harvey Mason Jr. talks Kanye, NCAA hoops, and being Steve Kerr’s teammate

Harvey Mason Jr. has (probably) done more in his life than you have. The 6-time Grammy winner is one half of The Underdogs, a production … Read More

The Wiz Live!

How ‘The Wiz Live!’ Producer Harvey Mason Jr. Made the Music Current Without Just ‘Throwing a Trap Beat’ On It

NBC’s Dec. 19 rebroadcast follows soundtrack’s wide release, out now. “The energy was indescribable. There was a lot of pride in bringing this to national … Read More

Nile Rodgers

Organization Behind Grammys to Create Lobbying Group

For years, the music industry’s lobbying efforts have been hampered by factionalism, as different sides of the business competed to influence lawmakers. Now, with copyright … Read More

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